A Brief introduction of Beijing Zhongshan International School

Founded in July 2014, Beijing Zhongshan International School is a high quality twelve-year private boarding school.It is an international school which not only inherits the essence of Chinese traditional culture,but also draws on international prospective;it is a modern school with Chinese characteristics, as well as the ancient and modern integration.It is also combined with intelligence and virtue,embracing both Chinese and western culture.After five years of exploration and development,quality education has achieved initial results.Zhongshan school is gradually recognized by the society and has become outstanding among the private schools in Beijing.

Zhongshan International school has a high-quality faculty team with educational dreams.Wang Cuijuan,the founder and principal,is a highly influential education expert in Beijing education sector.School administration team is composed of experienced and professional educators coming from highly recognized public schools.The faculty team has scientific and reasonable structure with innovation and dedication.Due to the unified educational dream,Zhongshan people get together and set up a dynamic team.

The school is officially accredited by the College Board to offer the AP Program (school code:694168) and an accreditation center for A-Level approved by Oxford International AQA Examinations(school code:96062).The upper school offers a rigorous,integrated,project-based American high school curriculum,which allows students to apply for universities all around the world.With the rich and authoritative overseas resources,the complete US common core curriculum,the qualified native American faculty members,as well as the professional college counseling center providing individualized and student-centered developmental guidance program,Zhongshan International School has built up a smooth pathway for every student to study abroad and pursue a bright future.


Our Voice

学生说:“ 爱在中杉的每一个小角落,在一顿美味的饭菜里,在字里行间的批注里,在夜里为我们盖好被子的刹那间。爱从老师的心里来,从学长给学弟整理衣服的动作里来,从学妹一句句天真的语句里来。”









Zhongshan school is developing the warmest education for students' sustainable development, striving to be a wonderful school where every student can proudly say "I am a graduate of Zhongshan”!    


Zhongshan primary school has a beautiful campus with functional layout as well as rich cultural atmosphere. There are over 40 classrooms with specific features for science, art and music, etc.; while students can enjoy themselves in the library, cultural corridor, mini zoo and game areas. Besides, track and field ground, swimming pool, basketball gym, dream theater, rehearsal hall, dance hall, Chinese classic hall and other professional venues are all available, creating a favorable educational environment for children's happy growth and effective learning.

Zhongshan upper school was set up in May 2019 with a modern, magnificent and youthful campus. The museum-style campus contains an art wall painted by school faculty and students, open library as in a university, technology studio of industrial style, super art design studio, innovation classroom, multimedia center, integrated laboratories, multi-functional classroom, standard rugby field, indoor basketball gym and the nearest Olympic-standard ice rink to the Winter Olympics Committee, etc.. All of these will become new driving forces for the development of Zhongshan K12 school!

Zhongshan International school adheres to the concept of holistic education and carries out curriculum construction around the core concept of respecting students' nature, helping students learn happily, grow confidently, and cultivating optimistic and positive national backbone, which provides various curriculum. After five years of exploration, the primary school has built a complete curriculum of studies of Chinese ancient civilization. The Chinese teaching structure of reading and writing shows its unique characteristics. Mathematics ability training program runs efficiently. Chinese English teachers work well with foreign English teachers. The combination of physical education, science, technology and art has highlighted Zhongshan curriculum system. The Class on the way program is closely related to real-life learning, putting knowledge into practice. Oversea learning programs broaden students’ horizon, and is popular among students. Peer supporting system and advisory class provide social and emotional support. All of these educational core qualities make positive impact on the entire students...... The systematization, diversification and selective curriculum aims at cultivating a cohort of sunny teenagers with "art held above head, literature rooted under feet and dreams inspired by mind."

Meanwhile, Zhongshan upper school aims at 5C skills which represent the core qualities of future competition, including communication, cooperation, critical thinking, creativity and cultural understanding. Based on the interdisciplinary STEAM concept, we designed an open curriculum system with Project based learning (PBL) as the core and multiple supporting courses as the supplement, so that students can enjoy the joy of learning, explore their academic interest, prepare for the dream colleges and plan for the personal development. Finally, they can find their roles on the global platform. The purpose for the upper school education is to cultivate boundless, fearless, selfless national backbones.

Over the past five years, Zhongshan primary students have increased their knowledge, tempered their character, developed their interests and good habits, making great achievements. Each 6th grader has achieved goals of reading, writing, math and other academic courses. based on this solid and innovative curriculum, students are improving every day.

Zhongshan has achieved a lot of honors and awards. Zhongshan held a special concert named "Beijing Zhongshan meets Sydney" in Zhongshan music hall on December 4th, 2017; On December 15th of the same year, we went to Sydney Opera House in Australia to hold a special concert. The two concerts were very successful and praised by domestic and foreign audiences and experts in the industry. In 2019, the special concert “My people, My Country” was held successfully both in Tsinghua University Concert Hall and San Francisco Theater to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. In 2018 Zhongshan school team won the champion of National Football League, National Taekwondo Competition and National Excellent Wind Orchestra Performance. Besides, Zhongshan philharmonic won the world gold medal at 2018 Vienna World Peace Chorus Festival. After winning the national gold medal for the first appearance in Shanghai in 2019, Zhongshan marching wind band and Zhongshan flag dance group won the double gold medals in WGI Sino-American marching wind and flag dance invitational tournament. The indoor wind orchestra won the gold medal in the indoor wind orchestra competition during Beijing Student Art Festival, marking that Zhongshan wind orchestra has become the absolutely first-class orchestra in Beijing or even the whole country. Apart from these achievements, our dance groupe won the gold medal of "Little Lotus" National Dance Competition; the football team has won double champion in 2019 National Youth Football League and Beijing Youth Football Competition, etc.

 "Young as the Zhongshan kids, they can distinguish themselves like a roc soaring in the sky". In time, Zhongshan students will grow into talents with profound national culture, sense of Chinese identity, strong personality, and meanwhile they are open-minded with innovative ability and international vision. Zhongshan school is developing the warmest education for students' sustainable development, striving to be a wonderful school where every student can proudly say "I am a graduate of Zhongshan”!